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Preparation Using Go-Lytely
  1. The Day before the procedure drink only clear liquids. This can include water, coffee, tea, apple juice(or other juices without pulp), sports drinks, broths, popsicles, and jell-o).

  2. Mix the Go-Lytely earlier in the day and place it in the refrigerator. In the evening hours around 6-7 PM drink the gallon of Go-Lytely. Try to consume the whole gallon over a 2-3 hour period if possible.

  3. You may continue to consume clear liquids after the Go-Lytely is finished until midnight. If you have an afternoon procedure you may drink some clear liquids before 9 AM on the day of your procedure. The more clear liquids you consume prior and after the golytely, the better the results of the preparation.

  4. If the preparation works properly green to yellow clear fluid should all that is being passed when you go to the bathroom at the end of the preparation.

***These are general instructions. Your physician's instructions may vary.

More information about go-lytely is available from the manufacturer's website here

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